Remote control

Control your KUKA robot remotely via C3 Control Panel or C3 Easy Control.



Well documented

The open application protocol allows you to use existing software solutions, such as RoboDK or ROS, or create your own client applications.

Mostly for free!

The C3 Bridge Interface Server is completely open source. The C3 Control Panel and C3 Easy Control client applications are available as freeware.


C3 Bridge Interface Server

The C3 Bridge Interface Server is a lightweight network application that allows remote clients to execute requests to the KUKA Cross 3 subsystem and return responses. The application provides advanced functionality and high performance.



C3 Control Panel

The C3 Control Panel is an application to remotely control KUKA robots via the C3 Bridge Interface Server or KUKAVARPROXY.


  • KRL Variable Control
  • Variable Watch List
  • Actual Position Display
  • Jog, the manual control of robot movement (EXPERIMENTAL)



C3 Easy Control

The C3 Easy Control is an application for easily uploading of KRL programs and converting SVG drawings to KRL programs.


  • Direct convert SVG images to KRL programs
  • Upload/Download KRL programs to/from KUKA Robot System
  • Select and Run/Pause/Stop and Cancel KRL programs remotely
  • Cancel the current KRL program and return to XHOME position (press and hold the button)